About Us

MyPrepaidCenter is a one-stop destination for the people using cards provided by MyPrepaidCenter. Blackhawk Network Holding Inc. owns the portal. It gives individuals, companies, banks, insurance agencies, etc. the Prepaid and Gift Card Services The official website of MyPrepaidCenter is www.myprepaidcenter.com. It is responsible for providing all the services required to manage Prepaid Visa Gift Cards that are issued by Blackhawk Network Holding Inc. The web portal could be used by the customer to check their MasterCard, Visa, or Discover card balance. In addition to this, the user could access the transaction history of all the purchases made. After receiving the card, it is this portal itself that the user needs to visit to register and activate the card. It also provides for editing the personal details in case any changes occur in the phone number, billing address, etc.

The various registered service marks that Blackhawk Network Inc. hold are Persona Card, Celebrate Card, Preferences Card, DirectSpend Card, and more. All of them fall under the services of MyPrepaidCenter. To avail of the benefits offered by the online portal, the users need to first activate the card by visiting www.myprepaidcenter.com and providing all the essential information asked for under the section “Activate Card.” The users, once through with the registration and activation process, will have access to services such as reviewing the balance and managing their accounts; however they wish to.

MyPrepaidCenter further ensures to provide its customers with a quick-response customer support team to cater to all the problems and questions that might arise when they use the card or the online portal. The company provides for a 24×7 response team that is well-trained for every kind of issue that might arise either online or at the point of sale. The customer support teams have been divided to cater to different problems. There are different teams such as Visa Cards, MasterCard, Discover Card, for the USA customers, for international customers, for cards being lost or stolen, etc.

The portal is technologically advanced and ensures that the customers’ information is secured and, thus, uses the SSL technology. The Secure Socket Layer prevents the information from going in the wrong hands as it encrypts and scrambles it as soon as it receives the same. The platform being very user-friendly makes it easier for every age group to have an effortless experience while availing the services of MyPrepaidCenter.

The 21st Century is all about technology and making the lives of people easy. MyPrepaidCenter is one such initiative that helps the card users to have a platform with a plethora of features to manage their accounts at the click of a button. The company ensures that people are rewarded for working towards achieving a digital future and, thus, provides the customers with cashback on different transactions and much more. MyPrepaidCenter has the vision to spread more and more awareness amongst the public about the advantages one gets with the use of cards. So, visit www.myprepaidcenter.com today and grab the opportunity of being a member of the biggest community when it comes to the use of cards as a payment alternative!