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Using a card has proven to be much more comfortable and safer when compared to cash. The cash has the risk of being stolen, wrongly counted, tearing up, and much more. The risk of cards being stolen is also always there, but there is a corrective measure available as well. The card, if stolen, could be blocked and made unfunctional by making one simple phone call. But, if the cash is taken, there is no way to get it back.

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There arises no question when we say that the use of Prepaid Cards, Gift Cards, and Credit Cards are on the rise because of the benefits these cards have to offer. MyPrepaidCenter provides one such card. It gives individuals, banks, insurance agencies, etc. a Prepaid Card and Gift Card. To make the use of this card easy, the online portal at is formulated. The portal makes the use of the card hasslefree by providing many services such as balance check, due payments, monthly transaction statements, and many more.

To avail of the services offered by the MyPrepaidCenter web portal, one has to visit its official website, which is, and activate their card to enter the portal and start effortlessly managing their account. This section of the blog is dedicated to providing you the step-by-step process on how to activate your card via the online portal of MyPrepaidCenter.

How To Activate The Card?

When a person applies for the card, they get it within short turnaround time. After receiving the card, the foremost task is to activate the same. Activating it is essential as without doing so, the card is just a mere piece of plastic and cannot be used anywhere. So, below is the step-by-process on how to activate your card in a relaxed manner:

  • Keep your card handy and open a browser on a computer having a stable internet connection
  • Then, visit the official website of MyPrepaidCenter, i.e.,
  • Once you enter the website, you will find a section named “Activate Card” on the right side of the page. Start filling out the details.
  • The details asked for includes:
    • Your card number.
    • The expiry date in the format (MM/YY).
    • The Security Code, which is the 3-digit code mentioned on the back of your Visa Card, MasterCard, or Discover Prepaid Card.
  • Once you fill out the details mentioned above, you will have to enter the Captcha to ensure user security. After you open it, click on “LogIn” mentioned below the section.
  • Once you enter the page you are redirected to; you will have to create the user profile. You will have to provide a few essential details such as the card details, your name, your phone number, your email ID, etc.
  • After this, you will choose your username and password for secure LogIn. You are advised to write these credentials in a safe place so that you don’t forget the same. Don’t worry, even if you do, you always have the option to create a new one by clicking on “Forgot Password.”
  • Once you have entered all the necessary details, you will be sent a verification email on your email ID. Click on the link provided in the mail, and your card is activated.

Once the card is activated, you are all set to Login and access your online MyPrepaidCenter account and manage the same on the click of a button.

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  1. I have activated 2 Mastercard reward cards, they do appear in my account, but I am having issues using them, they are not accepted and then when I speak to store they will not take split payments if required larger payments
    Please I want them converted to plastic and sent to me ASAP
    Judith Hawrysko
    PO Box –
    Parrish, FL –

  2. I have a prepaid card. I hate these cards because I just got screwed out of money. I returned something to the store yesterday 7/29/2020 and they put it back on my card. The card expires tomorrow 7/31/2020. The refund takes 10 days to go back on the card. The card will be expired by then so I guess I am screwed out of the money.

  3. Just activate my card, but they asked me to create my profile twice, and still not activate. Please help. Thank you.

  4. I need to see all my transactions. It only shows 2 .
    they total 25.00. card was for 100.00, shows I have a zero balance.

  5. I just noticed that my name on my prepaid card has my last name spelled wrong. It has Botlor (o) on it; it’s supposed to be Botler (e). Do I really need to change it?


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